Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Calm down dear, it's only knitting

Do you ever get times when it seems that everything you touch goes wrong? Logically of course, it can't be the case, it's all to do with perception. I just wish my perception would stop making me drop stitiches, lose count of rows and hiding my needles - lol.
I'm on the fourth go for the soya socks. If it doesn't work out this time I might have to discard the yarn as it's on it's last legs. I'm trying the one in the Sarah Dallas Knitting book, which was a lovely free gift for taking out a 6 month subscription to Knitting magazine. I've also been trying to make something with the fine Alpaca I spun for the Online Guild September workshop. I wanted to make a lacy shawl with it but couldn't seem to get to grips with the pattern. I'm now trying what is described as an Easy to Knit Lacy Scarf. It's only two rows of eyelet rib but I can't get beyond row 2 without something going wrong. The extent of communication with my poor husband seems to be limited to yells of, 'DON'T TALK TO ME WHEN I'M KNITTING!!'. I'm glad I've found such a relaxing pastime to while away my evenings in front of the fire - lol.
Of course, what I probably need to do is put it all away for a few days, take Michael Winner's advice and calm down a bit. It just seems that I have all these projects constantly hanging over my head. I feel like I'm under as much pressure as when I was working and studying for my degree. I'd love to be able to develop a more laissez faire attitude to life. There's a Cornish saying, 'Matter do it?' to which my reply is usually a resounding, 'Yes! It bloody does matter!' My personal paradigm has always been that negatives are there to be turned into positives, problems are there to enable solutions to be devised but it's so tiring. Maybe things just 'are'.
And on that note I'm off to add emroidered samplers of 'Matter Do It?' and 'Existentialists do it drekkly' to my 'Projects to do' list. Lol!


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