Thursday, May 31, 2007


Well, Wonderwool was fun. Not the most lucrative outing for me but it was lovely to meet so many people and put faces to names at last. On arriving I was a bit overwhelmed at the amount of space I was expected to fill. The stall looked a bit sparse but it was a learning curve and I'll know to take backdrops etc with me in future. Still, it was quite pretty - if not as eye catching as I would've liked.

It was nice enough and for a first proper 'outing' I was quite pleased. It was extremely tiring and by the end of each day I could barely speak. So, if you were one of the millions of people who came by to say hello and I was a bit doolally then there's your explanation!

We got back on the Monday night, unpacked and then Sarah's funeral was on Tuesday. It was a beautiful service and the wake started off at her mothers house, which is a beautiful Mill. The weather was spot on and it was lovely to see so many old friends from so many years ago. It was one of those very strange situations where it was lovely but heartbreaking at the same time. We all went to her favourite pub afterwards and toasted her health in true Sarah style. Messy, but I think she would have approved. It galvanised for me that I don't want any full on mourning when I go. If there's any money for my funeral I want the cheapest burial/cremation and the rest of the money to be spent on a proper Cornish Hooly.

Friday saw us winging our way on a tiny Skybus (god I hate those planes!) to Scilly for Emily & Jim's wedding. On Saturday we nipped over to St Agnes for a pint and some quiche and chips ( a Stacey tradition) only to find that the pub has been taken over by someone who thinks they're a bit of a chef and it was all coulis and jus. Crap menu and it took me an hour of sulking and pouting to pick something and then I hated it! Lol! Why people have to ponce about with pub menus is beyond me. Decent quality grub, well cooked is what I want - not some poncey thing I can hardly pronounce and which tastes of nothing. Never mind - the view kind of made up for it.

The local consensus seems to be the same - which is a shame as the pub has built up a hefty reputation over the last 20 odd years. Still, never mind - things change and we'll just go to the Coastguard Cafe next time instead which is supposed to be really nice.
On Saturday night the wedding party all met up at The Mermaid for dinner which was lovely. Trouble with Island eateries is that the chefs change so often you never know which is a go-er or a no-er. Luckily whoever was cooking on Saturday night did a fab job and we all ate, drank and got merry before staggering to the downstairs bar for the entertainment. Unfortunately I fear that the entertainment was sometimes me - nuff said.

Sunday was spent watching the boats sinking in the harbour and hearing tales of people's roofs blowing off in the fiercest gales I've ever experienced on Scilly. I usually enjoy extreme weather but I was properly scared by that wind.

Monday and the weather had, thankfully, calmed down considerably and we dressed up in our finery and helped Emily & Jim celebrate their wedding in fine style. It was the best wedding I've ever been to and I think that was mostly down to the excellent organisational skills of the bride. It went without a hitch and they looked stunning and so in love. I'll ask their permission to post a couple of photos when they get back from honeymoon. The speeches were another highlight as we laughed and cried in equal measure. It was such a special day and - again - so lovely to see people we hadn't seen for years. We keep meaning to go back more often (I lived there for 3 years and made some really good friends) but it's time and money as usual and getting to Scilly is prohibitively expensive.

So! My eldest stepdaughter is celebrating the wedding she had in Florida last week with a large family 'do' on Saturday. Barely time to wash my Magic Knickers and we're off again!

If I'm in one piece for Woolfest it'll be a bleedin miracle. I'll leave you with a plant piccie from Scilly

That's it for now - if I don't see you through the week I'll see you through the window as my Nana used to say.


Blogger ra said...

blimey what an up and downer. No wonder you're all of a wotzit!

Are you having a stall at Woolfest too or just going for pleasure?

12:59 AM  
Blogger Artis-Anne said...

Goodness me you are busy !! with everything going on. I too hate poncy food with high prices and no taste.
Great to see you at Wonder Wool & hope to see you at Woolfest

10:19 AM  
Blogger Maggie said...

Just wanted to comment to say Hi - read the whole of your blog this morning, and didn't want to freak you out after some of what I've read.

Hope you're recovering from your busy time. Lovely and sunny here this morning, think I might go and do a bit of sorting out in the back yard.

Best wishes from Liverpool

4:42 AM  

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