Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's all M.E M.E M.E

No posts for a while - bad Cledry - lol

Suffice to say things haven't been all that tickety boo. This isn't the place to talk about the dark days though so we'll draw a veil and talk about knitting!

I made a hat last night. Here it is:

It was so nice to knit, the pattern was simple, the wool knitted like a dream but seeing as Esther Williams on acid isn't a look I currently aspire to, into the unraveling pile it goes. That particular pile is increasing at an alarming rate as it seems that whatever I knit at the moment isn't quite 'right'. Ho hum - not a major problem except I foolishly promised everyone something handknitted for Christmas. I'll just cut the Matalan labels out - no-one'll ever know - lol.

I bought some recycled rayon from Ebay the other day. I've hankered over the recycled sari silk for ages but the rayon was quite a bit cheaper and I really can't feel or see the difference. I don't know what they're to become yet but hopefully it'll be something for me

I bought some silk thrums at the same time to see what they'd be like to spin. Right now they just look like a tangled mass of thread but I suppose that's the point

The good news is we have a new lamb - awwww. I'll take some photos when the weather is a bit better. Nature astounds me. I was walking down the lane with the dog last night, shivering and shaking and I looked over and saw the lamb, less than 24 hrs old, happily lying in the grass a couple of feet away from it's mum. How do they do it? They're not particularly wooly when they're new, it amazes me what they can survive. On that note I'm off to stoke the woodburner, no wooly coat for me - brrrr

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