Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hand felted handbag and some Gotland curls

I made another bag from the Oldmill batts. It was just as lovely to work with as it was before so I've ordered some more

Again, it's stripy on the inside

I also washed some Gotland lambskin curls that Dave bought me at Wonderwool. We can shear the Gotlands twice a year - once in December but I couldn't wait that long to find out what the fleece wil be like.

Look at that! Isn't that just gorgeous? It's like the colour of storm clouds and feels like gossamer. The plan is to spin it to a DK and knit it up with some Dorset into a winter hat each for me and him. I can't wait. Sometimes I think I need to get out more as I get so excited about wool. It's the cat in me - lol


Blogger cyndy said...

yes! gorgeous Gotland!

12:22 PM  
Blogger ra said...

ooh I got some of that too, isn't it fantastic. Are you planning to card it or comb it and spin it from the locks. I dunno how to do the latter but feel that carding it would be a bit of a shame as I'd lose all the lovely curls.

10:45 AM  

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