Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A load of balls

Cotton wool balls that is. Last week at the Online Guild Amanda was teaching us how to spin cotton yarn using cotton wool balls. It was fab. She even produced some small 'how to' videos on her site. The project appealed to the recycler in me. Anything that we usually associate with junk being made into something beautiful appeals to me. I love papier mache, rag rugs and making a luxury yarn out of something we usually associate with babies bums really tickled me.

I haven't found it the easiest thing to spin. I unrolled the balls and separated them into 4 tiny rolag type strips. I ended up doing a strange sort of back-twist shuffle thing which didn't resemble any spinning I've come accross yet but it gets the job done so, matter do it?

Here's how it looks so far:

That's how 40 balls looks. The plan is to maybe spin up a couple of bags dye it and use the yarn to crochet a summer shawl of some kind. If anyone knows of a nice shawl pattern for chunky cotton give me a shout please.


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