Saturday, August 05, 2006

The shetland/alpaca mix

I don't like it :(

I carded up the shetland with some bits of washed merino I found and then blended it with the caramel alpaca. It looked quite nice at that stage:

I wanted to spin it fine but the merino (although it had been washed 6 times!!!) still has little gummy nubs in it that refuse to card out (you can see them clearly in the photo) I thought I'd leave them as they might add some interest. In reality it just meant it was a bugger to spin. Once I'd plyed it, washed it and balled it up it was verging on chunky. I've never had yarn swell up on me so much after it was washed. Not a problem per se but not what I had in mind at all.

It's knitting up nice enough, chunky but nice enough. Our 'white' shetland is funny stuff, a beautiful dove grey on it's own but can look kind of chewing gum coloured when blended. The jury is out on whether this will actually make it into gift wrap for my Mum's Christmas present, we'll have to see.

I've had yet another instance of internet bad manners and someone thinking they can lift things from here and post it onto forums to 'make a point' and again it was a man (must be something in my scent)



Blogger n said...

The yarn looks like toffee, gorgeous.
It blog plagarism widespread? Or is someone being malicious?

3:00 AM  
Blogger Stacey said...

He's just a man who seems to be threatened by me - quite a few are (small willy gang I think):D I did read somehing a bit disturbing on someone elses blog. The woman who's blog it is ended up having to password protect all her pics because someone had pinched photos of her kids and posted them up somewhere else. I guess it feels like we're all cosy and know each other but complete strangers read the stuff as well. I'm starting to wonder if the internet is such a good thing - it seems to be increasingly populated by complete wallies.

3:11 AM  
Blogger n said...

I think you are right. I'm very cautious about posting family photos or referring to anything which would identify my kids/location/job etc until I am pretty sure about an individual, and even then I disclose on an individual not a public basis. We can all get lulled into a false sense of security, especially on forums where we feel we know people, and we forget that other browsers are there reading all our information too.

3:07 PM  

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