Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's like buses innit?

No posts for weeks then three come along at once!

As much as I've enjoyed spinning the cotton I found myself itching to get some proper fleece out. Last night it proved too much and I dug out a bag of shetland and spun up a couple of bobbins. It was lovely, I never tire of that wool. The plan is to make it into a chunky hat for my husband and his poor baldy head. I was pleased with the way it came out:

I'm really enjoying the ability to be spontaneous with the spinning. I have yarn that I've spun for socks and things which is really fine and even but lately I feel the need to splurge and have a bit of a 'speed-spin'. I love the thick and thin textures that I get and more than anything else, after 40 years of being a perfectionist who is never satisfied with anything she produces, it's a relief to 'find the designer within' - lol.

I'll be back drekkly with pictures of the hat (if it turns out ok)


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