Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sale of the century?

I'm thinking of getting rid of some of the ever increasing stash of raw materials that are crammed into my workroom. I have loads of alapca (white & caramel coloured) and several kilos of poll dorset wool from our own flock which was sent off to the Natural Fibre Co to be processed last year. It's a really interesting wool which (in my opinion) lends itself to socks etc. It's incredibly light once spun and has a springy feel to it. I really like it as a wool/yarn but don't have enough hours in the day to do justice to it. It's a lovely creamy white but obviously can be dyed. Whaddya think girls? Do you think I should sell some?

I'm at a real crossroads with it all to be honest. Going to the quilt show in Birmingham last year started it all off. I've always been drawn to textiles but never thought it was something I was good enough to do. Doing the textiles A level opened my eyes to new techniques and ideas and I rapidly realised why I make such a fuss about fine arts etc. I had the same feelings when I started the A Level Textiles that I had when I did the advanced GNVQ in art & design 12 years ago. I get absolutely swamped by ideas, colours, textures, techniques...... And when I say swamped I really mean swamped. It's totally overwhelming. It wakes me up at night and takes up my every waking thought. It is incredibly uncomfortable and I don't like it. I could feel my own discomfort when I was ranting last Summer. I kept wondering if the lady was protesting a little too much :D
It's as if my heart is with the crafts side but my head is drawn to the arts side. Luckily I feel that we're at a stage, as a culture, where Crafts are the new black - lol - there's certainly some schemes being set up to bridge the divide. I'm a member of a couple of them so here's hoping I can find my niche this year. Failing that I'll just ask if I can move in with Jan Beaney or Cas Holmes

So, it looks like this has been an entry entirely devoted to navel gazing - apologies for that. I'd like to say normal service will be resumed soon but I'm not sure I'd be being completely truthful ;)


Blogger Toggle said...

gazes lovingly at your wool.

You will have to teach me to spin though.

1:23 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

lol - I couldn't teach anyone to do anything

11:50 AM  

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