Monday, September 25, 2006

Another addiction...errr...hobby!

As you know, I went to the Hobbycraft show in Exeter last week. Whilst I was there I saw a lady called Margaret Beal doing fancy things to sheer fabrics and synthetics with a soldering iron. It looked very nice and I found myself at her stand several times. I enjoyed watching what she was doing so I bought her book and took it off to look through it over a cuppa. Biggest mistake I made that day! By the time I'd finished my tea I knew I had to go back and buy all the stuff to get started - lol. Actually it wasn't expensive at all - I managed to get everything I needed for under £40. Anyway - this week I've managed to get it all out and start playing. These are a couple of the things I've made so far - blogger won't let me upload more:

The long, thin ones are hair clips and the square ones are broochesThe photos don't really do them justice - in real life they're really sparkly and bright and appeal to the drama-queen-magpie in me. I've put them on the site to see if there's any interest in them and if there is I'll make some for the Christmas Fairs I'm hoping to do later in the year. I've already got my eye on crisp packets and sweetie wrappers to use. I'm sure I can find reclaimed chiffons and organzas and other shiny stuff in charity shops and jumble sales. That'll offset my guilt about them being synthetics *rolls eyes @ self*


Blogger Mary-Lou said...

Seeing you mention crisp packets and sweetie wrappers reminds me that at one time, you could shrink them to badge size under an eye-level grill (keeping a very careful eye on them, cos it doesn't take very long!). I don't have a grill any more (or at least not one I'd trust!), and I don't know if the type of plastic they use these days is still the same, but it might be fun to find out? The bags shrink under the heat and slightly scrumple, and they hardne up when they cool, then you can stick badge pins on the back ...

2:57 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

I used to do that at school Mary Lou - that's brought back some memories :)

12:26 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

Try getting hold of some Tyvek - that shrinks & bubbles with heat.
If machine stiched first & then exposed to heat it bubbles & distorts where there is no stitch. Really interesting textures.
Painted bondaweb applied to fabric, esp. chiffon gets really interesting too!

5:50 AM  
Blogger Artis-Anne said...

This sounds like real fun , must look up that book and I too remember shrinking sweetie paper also. Did you used to make badges out of brass curtain rings ? They were fun

2:22 AM  

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