Friday, March 24, 2006

You don't look old enough!

Yesterday my lovely Jamie was 18. 'Eighteen?!', I hear you say, 'Why you must have been a gymslip mum for you surely don't look old enough to have a boy of such years!' I feel much older than my forty years today due to a raging hangover being up slighly late last night.

He's gone from this:

To this:

In just 18 short years. I think he's gorgeous but then I'm biased.

I made him a cake and we had balloons and streamers, I think I was more excited than him! Then, in the way of all good Cledry family gatherings my Mother and I got absolutely blootered slightly tipsy and started singing Katie Bairdie had a coo, black and white aboot the moo! This prompted my husband and Step-Dad to do their Queen Victoria impressions and be 'not amused' The cake soaked up some of the alcohol:

Anyway - I now have to attempt to get on with the day and clear away the chaos that is my kitchen. I may be some time - lol!


Blogger nanatoo said...

He was a gorgeous babe and he's gorgeous now, it's true :) I love that pic of him with that face babies have when they look at mum, it melts your heart. And it's funny to see the trusty pot of Sudocreme nearby, I remember it well, lol.

Trouble is, when people get that 'not amused' look on, it just makes you act more silly, they should know that ;)

7:34 AM  
Blogger CraftyPerson said...

"My" Jamie is older than your Jamie nah nah nah nah - he's 23!! Might have something to do with me being *** years older than YOU.

1:16 PM  
Blogger cyndy said...

where does the time go? glad you had such a good time- you deserve it for being a mum for the past 18 years! (afterall, it was sorta your birthday too!) love the cake!

4:45 AM  

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